BoJin Facial Treatment – The Benefits for You

  • Smooth blood circulation

Stiff muscles will oppress the tendons under the muscles, resulting in poor blood circulation, making people feel uncomfortable, sore, numb, and in pain. Pulling the tendons can eliminate the air-blocking lumps that cause meridian obstruction, and make the whole body Qi and blood meridian channel smooth. During the facial treatment, the therapist will start from the acupressure point surrounding the ear canal like the Er Men (耳门穴) & Yi Feng (翳风穴) and work through major facial meridien points like the “third eye” also known as Yintang (印堂穴), Taiyang (太阳穴) located at the depression on both sides of the temple, Jingming (睛明穴) at the inner corners of the eyes, Juliao (巨髎穴) which directly below the pupil at the level with the lower end of the nose and Yingxiang (迎香穴) on both sides of the base of the nose. Say goodbye to body soreness thru Bojin (拨筋) treatment and effectively treat imbalances on your skin’s complexion with more optimal blood circulation! 

  • Look Youthful 

People are nourished by Qi(气) and blood(血), and tendons are dredging the meridians. By applying gua sha on the acupressure points, the facial muscles and veins are dredged and cells are nourished, thus reducing fine lines making people naturally look younger thru this TCM technique.

  • Look Pretty 

When the circulation of Qi and blood in the meridians is not smooth, the body’s Qi and blood are insufficient, and the functions of the viscera are naturally reduced. The complexion, skin texture, and hair will be affected and become bad, affecting the appearance of beauty and ugliness. With sufficient Qi and blood in the viscera and meridians, people are naturally refreshed and beautiful after a skin rejuvenating Bojin Facial Treatment. Customers have reported being satisfied with the results of Bojin treatment over time, where they feel their jawlines were more sculpted to give them a desirable V-shaped face.

Tools used

The tool to massage the facial meridians during Bojin Facial Treatment is the Kaolin Water Buffalo (高岭水牛) horn, which has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying in traditional chinese medicine. This ox horn also have the health benefit of expelling dampness (湿气). Singapore belongs to the subtropical zone, which is humid and hot all year round, so the humidity is very heavy, and the humidity will cause people to be easily tired, easy to accumulate toxins in the body, dull skin, acne and other problems. Bojin facial treatments can truly help combat skin problems such as acne, dullness and pigmentation at the root source which are usually caused by problems within your body internally.

Pro-Lift Therapy is a simple, safe, convenient and effective procedure. As a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure utilising the latest technology and professional techniques, it is at the core of our customer retention strategy. 

Benefits of Pro-Lifting Therapy

  • Helps to nourish, repair & regenerate cells to achieve better and youthful skin 
  • Helps to prevent acne
  • Helps to reduce and get rid of pigmentation & blemishes
  • Lifting, anti-aging 
  • Whitening & even skin tone 
  • Safe, effective, long-lasting effects  
  • Showcase your best self  
  • Quick procedure: 20 Minutes is all it takes to see the effect
  • Non-invasive: no medicine or injection needed

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Facial by Physiodermie

  • Increase the flow of lymph
  • Promote metabolism & eliminate harmful substances from the body
  • Increase the vitality of lymphocytes
  • Improve the body’s immunity
  • Brighter and healthier skin

About Physiodermie 

Physiodermie is a Swiss Brand and has been in Singapore for more than 20 years.